Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Maple Leaf Forever

Rob and I spent a very convivial evening enjoying great food and conversation with some friends from BPYC.

The first time we got together the theme was 'Spanish', and Caroline cooked a paella right in the hearth that was so beautiful it took my breath away. 

This time Rebecca and Tom hosted and the theme was 'Canadian'.   Each course ended up with a flavouring of maple:  Apple Bacon Rumaki drizzled in Maple Syrup, Pacific salmon planked on maple, and maple pecan pie. 

I brought the appetizer course and wanted to use quintessential Canadian ingredients, so thought I'd concocted a unique Canadian twist when I came up with Apple Bacon Rumaki drizzled in Maple Syrup.  The recipe turned out to be online.

Icewine was the aperitif (Royal DeMaria Vidal Ice Wine 2008) I  paired with tastings of Benedictin Bleu cheese,  smoked lake trout, peppercorn pate, and maple syrup and ice wine jelly.   The peppercorn pate won hands down for favourite pairing with the ice wine. 

Rebecca grilled the salmon with a maple plank and the result was really buttery, melt-in-your mouth. The wild rice was cooked to perfection.  Peninsula Ridge Fumé Blanc 2008 from Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery was a great match!

Caroline's dessert course was served with a Ground Cherry wine from Quebec called 'Amour en cage' that was the colour of light toffee.  It combined perfectly with the maple pecan pie.  This was served alongside blueberries, strawberries and raspberries that were soaked in Drambuie.  The berries were a tart contrast and the last bite at the table. 

How fortunate to live in such a great country where we can pull together the ingredients for such a memorable feast!


    Neil and Susan said...

    There is always that question I get from people who visit Canada. "What is authentic Canadian food"? We have often talked about it and no one really knows. I think today post confirmed that it would be salmon and maple syrup. They go hand and hand and the only way I cook salmon. Great post! Susan :)

    Diane said...

    Rebecca's Planked Salmon for 8

    - delicious!
    (Recipe compiled from a variety of web sites, the 'I' below is Rebecca)

    3lbs. Salmon, I chose BC as opposed to NB, not sure why. I also chose to bake it as opposed to BBQ, too cold outside and I do not trust my BBQ as much as I know and love my gas oven. I also did some research on the various types of plank, alderwood, cedar and maple. I chose maple as it gives the fish a buttery rich flavour. There were various views on planking in an oven, one wrap the plank in foil… kind of defeats the purpose.

    soak the plank for 24 hours, marinate the salmon 4 hours

    1/2 cup extra light extra virgin olive oil
    Juice and zest of 1 lemon
    Salt and pepper to taste.
    Meat side down.

    Cook planks 20 minutes at 425., reduce to 375 add salmon skin side down 10 min per inch thickness. I cooked it a little longer, as I placed a pan on the shelf below the planks to catch the drippings, to save cleaning my oven and smoking out the house, I think if affected the temperature to the planks.