Friday, January 7, 2011

Life Is Short, Pray Hard

Top sellers on the charts in Europe!!!

The cynic in me thinks it is just beause this audience wouldn't want to illegally download monks singing......

but the sound really is transportive.

This documentary showcases the monks that celebrate in song.  Beauty is in the background of almost every shot.....the architecture of a place 800+ years old,  the golden iconography...

Still, there is one on-camera interview that breaks my heart, with a monk talking about how he left marriage behind, and how very hard it was for him to make the sacrifice.  Really?  Why is this a pre-requisite?  I just don't get it.  He says it was a struggle to think why God would want him to give up marriage and earthly love and I was practically yelling at the TV...  "Don't do it!!!!" 

Such emphasis on death and the next world, when there is so much to celebrate.  I know it is far from perfect on planet Earth, but there is so much to truly Wonder.

Jackie, a good old friend of mine, recently shared this thought with me, and I find myself turning the phrase over in mind after watching this documentary:  "drink wine, honour the God of all, and let the world be the world".  

So here is a taste of their 6 hour, daily meditation.  Don't let the ghoulish skull stop you from watching, the sombre sound is transcendent.

If you get a chance, check out the film, "Top Ten Monks, directed by Dana Perry (HBO’s “Boy Interrupted”)


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