Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More of my fine-feathered friends


Hanging out at Bluffer's Park Sunday we spotted several pairs of Buffleheads bobbing along the surface of the water, bouncing on top of the waves, looking almost weightless.  They were constantly diving under the surface, usually with one "standing sentry" to keep on the look-out for predators.


Cooper's Hawk
I had a long black coat on with a fur ruff, so maybe I looked a bit like a bear because they stayed a fair distance away.  It might also have been the Cooper's Hawk soaring up in the Bluffs that kept them cautious.

I was on the watch for another type of sea duck.  Harlequins are known to fly south to overwinter here for a few months, but so far no such duck-luck.

Despite the cold we had plenty of company and there was lots of foot traffic along the trails,  people running their dogs along the sandy beach, and dogs running their people.

Jill R. and others at BPYC have started a feeding program for the Trumpeter Swans in the area, hand-feeding them corn.  It is a beautiful sight to see the flock.  When the lake was frozen over they were skating along the surface.  Now they float up to the mini-icebergs in the basin and wiggle their way up to waddle across.  Not quite as graceful out of the water but still majestic.


Neil and Susan said...

The colours of the Halrequins are amazing! It sounds like you have wonderful surroundings to bird watch. We have sunshine and an absence of snow... all our birds have flown south.

Diane said...

enjoy the sun!!
no waterfowl on the shore? it must be very, very cold!