Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mad Moon - November

yes i know it is not Samhain, but still, great pic
And so the Full Mad Moon comes around again.

If you are feeling up to reading the science fiction story by the same name, first published in 1935, you can download the free eBook here at Project Gutenberg of Australia.  I think the author would get a kick out of the fact the book is now so freely distributed:

His head buzzed and whirled from the combined effects of ferverin and fever. It was an attack of blancha, right enough, and he realized that he was an imbecile, a loony, to wander thus away from his shack. He should be lying on his bunk; the fever was not serious, but more than one man had died on Io, in the delirium, with its attendant hallucinations.

And this Mad Moon is BLUE.  Although not the second full moon of the month, it is the fourth full moon of the season, so it qualifies.

Am I the only loony around here?  I hope not.

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