Thursday, September 9, 2010

North Country - Part Three

It seemed a bit like cheating to hit so many yacht clubs in such a short space of time!  All the spots Rob and I visited could have easily eaten up 3+ weeks by sail, but we meandered leisurely by car in just 3 days.

The Ports guide does a great job of giving all the details, with aerial shots to help you navigate to the docks, but sometimes it's hard to tell by flipping pages what the place is like.  So we made quick stops into places we haven't yet docked.

50 Point
It's interesting to talk to fellow sailors about their favourite clubs and marinas.  One year's favourite disappoints the next.  Rob and I have been warned away from some spots, yet when we visit the place turns out to be charming.  

Each place is so different:  landscape, buildings, up-keep.  Then the other variables come into play:  the weather the day of the visit, the people you bump into, your mood.

I know any of the clubs we stopped by could well be someone's favourite... and I hope to return on Yondering some summer day... 

50 Point Yacht Club 
(reciprocal with BPYC)
Located on the Canadian side of the lake - no passport required. Very tidy, park-like setting.  Well maintained.  Marina store and restaurant.

Pultneyville Yacht Club
Pultneyville Yacht Club
(reciprocal with BPYC) 
Cute little clubhouse with rocking chairs on the deck to take in the view.  On the other side of the river is a gallery shop selling local artisan's work and a nice restaurant to get you out of your own galley.

Navy Point Marina (Sacketts Harbour)
Lots of historic sights to explore, shops, great restaurants, and the Seaway Trail Discovery Centre.  In the summer there are Saturday plays, free Sunday concerts and frequent historic battle re-enactments.

Sacketts Harbour
Tibbetts Point Lighthouse
Chaumont Bay Marina
When we got out to explore here we were told "no room left.  no recipricals" by a very gruff guy dressed in full camouflage.   The website says At Adams' Chaumont Bay Marina, we aren't a million dollar business, but we'll make you feel like you're worth that much!  Maybe he was just having a bad day. 

Cape Vincent
Windmills on Wolf Island are in plain view along this part of the lake.  They appeared suddenly and looked ominous against the grey September sky.  Several marinas are nearby, with many downriver.  Good area to pack the bikes and  ride to nearby restaurants - and if you are feeling fit, to Tibbetts Point Lighthouse.  There's nearby access to a car ferry crossing to Kingston and you can hop a ride for $4.

Henderson Harbour Yacht Club
Henderson Harbour Yacht Club
(reciprocal with BPYC) 
Friendly people invited us back next summer with warmer weather.  Sheltered spot.  Lots of boats moored, some on docks.  Clubhouse windows drink in the view of the lake.

New Port Yacht Club (Irondequoit Bay)
(reciprocal with BPYC) 
People in Pultneyville advised us to time our visits to Irondquoit during the week, when there is less motor boat traffic and things are more tranquil.

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