Thursday, September 30, 2010

Le Pain Quotidien

The space is filled with natural light and unvarnished surfaces. A communal table in the centre of the room, pots of jams and jellies set on each table. Plain and elegant.  One-of-a-kind.

Or so I thought, until I came across the website for Le Pain Quotidien.

There are two in Toronto and 100 worldwide.
"The idea behind Le Pain Quotidien is simply to make good daily bread, a handmade bread with a good crust and a firm slice, the kind of bread that makes great tartines:  bread not only to nourish the body, but the spirit as well.  A bread best shared around a table, to be savored among friends."
- Alain Coumont, Founder

I had been fasting for some medical tests (no food or water) and went across the street to quench my thirst and feed my hunger.  I wasn't expecting  to be made made dizzy by the aroma of fresh bread and coffee. 

Each loaf was displayed as a work of art on the bakery shelf. Next time I want to share the bakers basket and a glass of wine or two with a friends at the communal table....


The Clever Pup said...

Sounds fantastic. I see the Eglinton online one but where's the second location?

Diane said...

10 Yorkville Avenue (NW corner of Yonge & Yorkville)

Giulia said...

Ah yes. I've had varied experiences in the one near my favorite museum here in DC. What I'd say is: avoid the tartine w/ricotta & fig. It's a classic but I've given it two chances (the one down here anyway) & it was sub sub par. Otherwise pretty good. But I have to say that while very friendly, I'm not up to sitting w/those not of my choice lately. I seem to be a party pooper so I shall shove off. But not before saying thanks for reminding me that it's here (we have a few I think).

cheers diane