Monday, August 23, 2010

Full Red Moon - August

The moon sometimes takes on a reddish hue this time of year, thus the name. Depending on the geography of the tribes, the August moon is also known as a Corn moon or Sturgeon moon.

I have a delicious tea to celebrate, called Moonswirl White Tip.  Tightly packed buds are coiled into full moon shapes.  The flavour is very light & delicate.

Wondering what red, luscious thing I could pair the tea with.... maybe a fig, drizzled with honey... or caviar, that's sometimes red, and there is sturgeon caviar... So maybe I'll start with caviar on round rice crackers, boil some corn in saffron, follow it with the fig and honey and then finish with the tea.  Sounds like a balanced meal to me!

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Giulia said...

The entire meal sounds great. I'd be happy with some of that tea right now. (It has cooled off a bit here, & tomorrow too. Which is great news.)

Tonight, Julie the Cat & I will lie on our backs on the bed with the shades up. The moon lights up the entire bedroom (& most of the rest of the apartment, throughout the night). It's splendid if one doesn't need sleep:) (But I do use a sleep mask, so I shall don it once I'm through with the show. Julie has no problem, whatsoever, with falling asleep. Lucky girl.

Thanks for your Jeeves & Wooster comment. I had more to add but too tired to do so. Will comment later...xo