Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music in the Garden

Hot hot hot.

Best to escape to the waterfront and a cool lake breeze.

Rob and I brought a picnic to the Music Garden and listened to a guitar and violin duo perform some wonderful music from the 17th to 20th centuries.  It was called Four Hands, 29 Strings, because the two musicians (Terry McKenna and Linda Melsted) brought along different period instruments to play, depending on the piece.

I love the guitar-violin string combo.

Tonight we heard two different selections from the Suite Buenos Aires by Pujol.  It sounded very familiar, so I checked out imdb to see if it was in a movie I might recognize, but nothing was listed. Each movement in the suite is dedicated to a different section of Buenos Aires - San Telmo is the artsy district. The piece is wonderfully light-hearted....

I will have to check to see whether Django Rheinhardt and Stephan Grappelli played this tune, maybe it's already in my collection.

photo Waterfront

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