Sunday, June 27, 2010


Drizzly Saturday at Bluffer's Park, and in between raindrops I went for a walk and counted all these birds in under one hour:
  • 1 Kingfisher
  • 1 bright yellow flash (was that a finch or a warbler?)
  • 1 cormorant (separated from the flock?  a later time in the day and it would be hundreds)
  • 2 male cardinals, so scarlet they looked like tanagers
  • 4 killdeer (limping and flapping to steer me away from the nest)
  • 4 trumpeter swans, gliding elegantly on the water's surface
  • 5 mourning doves
  • 10 pigeons
  • 10 redwing blackbirds
  • 12 mallards with glossy green heads
  • 15 robins digging for worms
  • 60 seagulls (white and beige)
  • 100's of swallows, white and rose breasted, swooping and diving and filling their mouths with tiny insects
Amazing diversity along the shoreline.

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Giulia said...

Wow, Diane. Oh I wish I'd been there. As you know, from my post, I'm off soon for shore. It's Assateague, do you know it? The village is Chincoteague in VA. The seashore there is protected (well, we'll see how long that lasts, eh?) & is a bird preserve as well. I cannot wait! But I don't know that I'll be able to collect such a list as this. (I will try to keep a record though.)

I am so looking forward to seeing my friends...all types of egrets, terns, & great blue herons...You've put me even more in the mood.

I left a comment to yours (on mine) avoirdupois is unfortunately from it rankles & is most uncomfortable physically. Otherwise, I am quite forgiving of myself in that sense. But I know what you meant. Alas, I am not in that category. I'd be happy though, if it were so.

Well, off to read. You've inspired me to make sure I keep a list & to pack the bird book. And to ask a friend to bring their binoculars. Thanks!