Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mediterranean Cruise - Packing it all in

After reading www.onebag.com, I was inspired to pack everything I need for the trip in a carry-on.  Which I've done!  Okay, except for a few extra pairs of shoes.

I actually crammed quite a bit in:
- 2 cocktail dresses
- 2 bathing suits
- 2 boleros
- 3 skirts
- 2 long-sleeved tops
- 4 sleeveless tops
- 1 pair of leggings
- 1 kimono
- 1 long-sleeved wrap
- 1 pashmina
- underwear (6 pair)
- socks (3 pair)
- bras  (2 pair)

I admit I am using the 'wrong' type of carry-on (One Bag says to steer clear of the wheely bags with handles because they waste so much space, but it's hard to find anything else these days).

One of the most versatile things I found for the trip was a strapless reversible dress that could also be worn as a long or short skirt.   Also picked up a black long-sleeved top that could be maneuvered into a short sleeve halter or strapless top.  So basically, 18+ 'outfits' from two garments.  The fabric is the same type used for bathing suits, so it doesn't wrinkle very easily.  Hopefully they aren't too hot... but then it probably isn't sweltering in the Mediterranean right now, anyway.  These pieces will be perfect for sailing season, too.

.... and of course, most essential, a nice big floppy-brimmed rattan hat!


Giulia said...

Diane this looks perfetto. I only wonder about stockings...but then I have refused to wear them since I was 17:) (Though I wear black tights in winter)....I love your hat. You're going to have such a grand time. I'm so happy that you can go now! (When? I am rushing so I can't look to see when it leaves...but will check tomorrow night perhaps.) Oh also, you will always need something & for that it's nice to buy something...even shampoo or soap:)


(Don't forget something to read...I take books I want others to read & then leave them behind in places I stay...it makes me feel good. I have been the recipient of such offerings myself -- in Greece & Italy & have vivid memories of that, too.)

Vi sarà una bellezza durante il viaggio. (You will be a beauty on the trip - & after, too:)

Diane said...

you are right about the nylons. I took them off the list! Added a pashmina.