Monday, May 10, 2010

Mediterranean Cruise - Corfu

Something tells me Corfu just might be one of my most favourite ports of call.  Lush scenery, beautiful gardens, a Byzantine monastary, and crystal-clear turquoise bays...

Sites I hope to see in Corfu:

Achilleion Palace
Empress Elizabeth "Sissy" of Austria built her homage to Achillies in 1891, and sited it with a spectacular view of the Ionian sea.  Then she went about filling the gardens with exotic plants and trees collected on her trips around the world.  Statuary of Achilles is everywhere, but her hardscaping also includes a 'Terrace of the Muses' decorated with statues of all Nine.
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Venetians controlled this area for many centuries and traces of their influence can be still be seen, along with the Norman, French, Roman and British.   Unfortunately, a large portion of the city was destroyed in World War II blitzes and reconstructed in the 60's and 70's, so only glimpses remain. 
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Paleokastritsa is known as the 'Capri of Greece', because of its crystaline water and rocky shores.  The Byzantine Monastery of the Virgin is nestled here somewhere,  their garden overlooking this amazing bay.

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Giulia said...

Be prepared to pass out at the beauty. Really. Tie a big pillow to the back of your head in case no one catches you. Seriously, Diane.