Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hot Docs - Waste Land

"The Moment when one thing turns into another is the most beautiful moment."
 - Vik Muniz in Waste Land.

The film Waste Land was my favourite from this weekend's binge at the Hot Docs festival.  Shot over three years in Brazil, it follows artist Vik Muniz as he turns his subjects into collaborators and into astounding works of art. 

The subjects are garbage workers who sort through piles of refuse to find scraps that can be recycled and sold.  Muniz' concept is to take photos of his subjects based on old world master paintings;  project those images and then use them as a foundation to build huge collages composed of garbage and recycled materials; and then photograph the finished pieces. 

Money raised through the sale of the works was all returned to the community. 

A deeply moving film about the power of art to transform the lives of individuals and communities:

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