Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mediterranean Cruise - Barcelona

We're booked!

I can't believe it!

Barcelona / Cannes / Florence / Rome / Naples / Venice / Dubrovnik / Corfu / Barcelona

Rob, Alex and l will be soaking up as many sites as possible, with the idea being that we can return at some point in the future to the places where we feel the deepest connection.  There is just so much to see at every stop.  It will be a whirlwind.

Researching what to see on our brief stay is a great way to pass the evenings.

First stop - Barcelona

Hopefully we will have some energy to explore the territory once we land.

This has always sounded like an amazing spot, and the scenery in the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona only made me want to visit more.  Lush countryside, spectacular architecture, Spanish wine, beautiful coastline... what more could you wish for?

We'll have to stroll along Las Ramblas.  Spanish poet, Ferderico Garcia Lorca once said that La Rambla was "the only street in the world which I wish would never end".   It seems filled with open-air cafes, street performers and towering trees.  And markets with fresh, local produce:
The largest, best-known, and perhaps the most visually pleasing is the central Sant Josep market, known as La Boquería. If this market, just off La Rambla - Barcelona’s principal avenue and a tourist attraction in its own right – is your first introduction to the wealth of Catalan produce, you are in for a treat. Little old ladies, tourists, and restauranteurs all jostle for space to browse and shop on an early Saturday morning, or anytime for that matter. La Boquería is constantly busy and the pace rarely lessens until late in the day.  Slow Food in Barcelona 

Gaudi buildings will be the icing on the cake.  Barcelona is filled with creations from this genius. Truly original in his approach... the structures seem to be in motion, dancing with the curves of the land and sea.  The shots below are of Casa Batllo.

... And I definitely want to see the Sagrada Familia, his unfinished church that has been under construction since 1882.

While I'm there I'll say a prayer that I don't sleep in and 'miss the boat'!


Anonymous said...

You are gonna love it. Myself and Dino went on a 10 day Eastern Mediterranean Cruise 3 years ago. We loved it. We also visited Barcelona, Naples, and Rome...all fantastic. One of our best holidays ever.

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky so and so, Barcelona is one of my favourite places. We stayed in a hotel room which had a little balcony overlooking the Ramblas. The architecture of Gaudi is just as stunning as you think it will be, bon voyage Diane! Louise

Diane said...

I have never been to Europe and can hardly contain my excitement!

The more I think about it the more incredible it seems....

I feel very lucky to be going and keep crossing my fingers and toes.