Thursday, April 15, 2010

Container Gardening

Nicki and I listened to Paul Zammit speak about container gardening tonight at the East York Garden Club.  Or maybe I should say watched, because he bounces around so much and brings such wonderful photos. He is a great presenter, and his enthusiasm is contagious. 

Paul had a timely suggestion for under-planting lilies in containers with pansies tumbling out the top.  Maybe I will try that in the planters in the front garden this coming weekend.   By the time the pansies get leggy and are ready to cut back, the lilies are in full bloom. After they are done their show, I could put them in the ground and plant tall grasses in the pots.  Since the containers are already 3-4 feet high it could be quite an interesting effect, both from the street and inside looking out the window. 

Last summer I put some hostas in the deck pots, and it worked well.  The miniature hostas were kept away from the salacious slugs.  This year I think I will dig up the blue fescue to add as a companion somewhere in the mix.  And maybe the miniature variegated iris.  Toss in some a herb or two for it's fragrance.... maybe lemon verbena or perpetual basil.   A nice light summer breeze to stir the senses and gentle dusk falling.  Ahhhhhh.


Nicki BH said...

Sounds good to me.

Tanya Boracay said...

I liked your sunny decoration. Beautiful

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