Friday, February 5, 2010

Zuccardi Q

Waiting until the weekend to enjoy my wine has certain benefits.... one of the best being that first sip is all the more delicious.

So I am not sure whether this malbec is really as amazing as I think it is.... or is it just the wait making it seem extraordinary?  The word exquisite comes to mind... and when I google the brand, it seems other tasters agree, like the blogger over at malbeconly.blogspot, who scores it a '90.'

Zuccardi Q Malbec from Mendoza Argentina, 2007 has a deep, purple-black colour and very spicy aroma.  Peppery taste.  Long finish.  A bit sweet, but not in a cloying way.  ($18.95 at the LCBO in case you're wondering).

I'm noticing I seem to be really enjoying the tempranillo grape these wintry days.

Hard to verify from the photos alone but these grapes seem very compact and look a lot like blueberries.  They look wonderfully juicy. A visit to Wikipedia tells me that tempranillo was originally thought to be related to pinot noir but recent tests have discounted the relationship.  The grape has been cultivated in Spain for many centuries, even celebrated by a 13th century poet!  The name is diminutive of the Spanisih 'temprano,' which means 'early' (this variety ripens 2 weeks sooner than most Spanish varieties).  The varietal isn't often featured on its own but blended with others, typically granache, but  my favourite January wine was a cabernet sav. blended with the tempranillo.

Wonder what it would feel like to pop a single grape in your mouth, or squish a big handful?  Would a barefoot stomp be gross?  For now I will gladly settle for the splash in the glass and the swirl past my lips.  Delicious.

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