Monday, January 25, 2010


Kim, Catherine and I were enjoying some after work drinks and celebrating their new positions - onward and upward, and well-deserved if you ask me.

First we asked for the rioja from Spain, and then the chianti from Tuscany from the wine list.  No matter, neither was in the cellar.  So we ended up with the Malbec from Argentina  and it was muy bueno!  I wish I had written the name down, or snapped a pic with my phone because it was a label I didn't know and I wouldn't mind picking up another bottle.  A nice leisurely meal of appetizers and a taste of gnocchi was a great accompaniment.  The restaurant was Local on the Danforth...   I have to admit, I don't go out much (maybe it's because I'm a generally horrified at the price mark-up), but anyway, it was a great treat and lovely conversation.

I still wanted the Rioja, though, so the next day I picked some up and popped by the St. Lawrence Market for a nice match.  There was a semi-hard, drunken goat cheese from Spain.  Soaking it in red wine for two to three days gives it a thin purple (and delicious!) rind.  The flavour went wonderfully with the wine.  Another treat.  

Despite these occasional indulgences I'm still following my 'Less is More' diet. Well, more or less, doing most of the things at least some of the time.  I'm hopping on the scale every now and then and so far the counter is traveling in the right direction.  Having less treats but enjoying them more.

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Diane said...

.... o and tonight a Chateau de Bourgogne, Triple Cream from France