Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Wolf Moon - January

This came to be known as the Full Wolf Moon because hungry wolves howled just outside the villages on cold winter nights.

Imagine what it would have been like a few centuries ago to hear a chorus of wolves howling in the distance. It's the perfect backdrop for a horror film!  Maybe you are safely indoors, in front of a blazing fire and in the company of friends, with a full belly and a glass of port, the howls very soft and low in the distance.  Or you are alone, isolated in the country, snowed in and the cupboards are bare... the sound of wolves approaching.  Here is a great site with audio clips of lone howling wolves, a chorus of wolves and some growling:

Here is a different sort of Howlin' Wolf, singing 'Spoonful.'  I like the posts, "y'all know he's talking about heroine, right?"; "sex"; "life, all of it, man":

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