Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last sail of 2009

Beautiful wind and gorgeous sun made the sail over to Toronto Island on Saturday one of the nicest of the season. It was certainly one of the fastest trips! Swells on the lake seemed to give us an extra push, with speeds close to 7 knots.

Thought I saw the head of a loon, but I wasn't sure until I heard its call.

Very chilly, though! My toes were frozen by the time we got to Hanlon's, so I borrowed a pair of Rob's wool socks to put underneath my cotton ones. Brought no gloves along for the trip, so I ended up wearing another pair of socks on my hands.

The heater worked like a charm as we warmed ourselves with some hot chocolate.

Sunday wasn't quite so cold, and we rode our bikes to the beach and walked along the shore.

The sail back to Bluffers was amazing. A blue heron flew overhead when we went past Cherry Beach.

I was toasty warm out of the wind, and the rhythmic 'sploosh' sounds the boat made cutting through the water were extremely relaxing.

Rising and falling, rising and falling, as we rode the swells on the lake.

We took our time bringing the boat back, throwing in a few extra tacks for the fun of it.

When we got to our dock, the sails came right down and out of their rigging, and we folded them away for use next season. The mast comes down next week, and then the boat gets lifted up and into her cradle until next spring.

It was a great season, and I'm thankful for all the times we spent enjoying the lake... it's just that May 2010 seems awfully far away just now.

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