Monday, September 14, 2009


How fortunate we are for the teachers in our lives.

I have been lucky to have had the same yoga teacher for almost ten years now.  I've had many other occasional yoga teachers throughout the years, some with international billing, like Rodney Yee. But my regular teacher - Tina - is amazing! Never the same class twice. Modifying poses to body type. Trained in the Iyengar method. Always making you try just that little bit harder.

Early on, practising with her, I had a dream that she made an adjustment and I started to float mid-air when she made the tweak. Such a nice dream.

Well, my teacher is going back to school and becoming a student, so she can broaden her horizons and teach English as a Second Language. One of my fellow students came up with the idea of giving her a book of all of us doing various yoga poses, and tonight we got together for dinner in honour of our teacher, and presented. All the students, all over the city, doing poses in improbable places.

Tina is my travelling guru, because she has co-opted spaces in everything from hair salons to karate studios. I will miss her and I hope she hurries back. But even if she decides she isn't teaching yoga (how could that be??), there will still be the gift of what I've learned over these many years, which I will carry with me in the years to come.

So thank you Tina for your many wonderful classes....

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Louise said...

I will always remember Tina, an amazing yoga teacher who will probably an amazing ESL teacher too.