Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cruisin' - Day 2: U.S. South Shore, Wilson

When we got around to biking into town, some lines from e.e. cummings came to mind....."a pretty how town,with up so many floating bells down".
Tidy as a pin, with lots of American flags waving on main street. Founded in the early 1800s there are quite a few old clapboard homes and the occasional brick house. The local churches have wooden sailboats on their front lawns. Kids were playing in parks and seniors were chatting on benches. Lots of motorcycles were passing through, doing some cruising of their own.

One of the streets was cordoned off for a wine festival, and we enjoyed some local bands and tasted local vintages. The vendors offered 'dry' or 'sweets'. Generally I don't like sweet wines or ones that are flavoured with cranberry or raspberry, but their colours and the way they sparkled in the sun had me tasting several. One of the native grapes is Niagara, and the semi-sweet wine had a very pleasant after-taste.

Lunch was at the Sunset Grill. What a spot! Looking out over the harbour on a bright sunny day, enjoying a beer in the shade and listening to the wind rustle the leaves in the trees.

Later we went to the Island Yacht Club for a Cheeseburger in Paradise party. A steel drum band had everyone up and dancing. There was a limbo contest and show - a young girl actually was able to make it under 8" - close to the world record!

During one of the band's breaks, a few of us went to cool off with a swim in the moonlight. It was so much fun we went back for another plunge before heading off to sleep.

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