Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clos St. Thomas, Les Emirs

This wine won a silver medal of honour in Brussells, 2007, and that is what caught my eye when I was picking wines for my vacation. What I didn't see (because I wasn't wearing glasses) was that the wine was from Lebanon. I wonder if I would have picked it up without the medal, if I knew the country of origin? Lebanon doesn't come to mind when thinking of old world wines but it likely doesn't get much more 'old world' than biblical times!

This particular wine was one of my favourites of the trip. The taste was so delicious and the finish very long lasting. Grape varieties in the wine include cabernet sauvignon, syrah & granache. Beautiful in the glass, a deep red. The label notes the "supple, mellow tannins" that I felt, but it also says something about a "subtle vanilla bouquet" that I couldn't quite locate.

I'll have to pick up another bottle, if only for the pleasure of reminiscing the summer trip....

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