Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogging from the Boat

Happy Canada Day!

This is fun! Tied up on Hanlan's Point and blogging and sipping wine while my socca is setting. The Peanut Soup was delicious for lunch and there is still lots left over for dinner. Socca will be a perfect accompaniment.

Earlier in the day Rob and I pedalled over to Toronto Island Marina and listened to a live band play some great covers: Neil Young, John Prine, the Stones, Van Morrison and the Band. We hadn't expected anything to be open so we didn't bring along any money and ended up having to scrounge some change. Between the two of us we came up with enough for a beer. Kinda fun, taking turns sipping out of a plastic cup. The band had a jazz flutist, adding some unexpected notes to great classics.

The island is a bit deserted right now, what with the city strike. But even though the city ferries aren't running, the tenders to the various marinas are still too-ing and fro-ing. Still, hardly anyone is about. It's fun to have the beaches to ourselves.

I'm sipping a Monastrell. This Spanish wine is made from grapes that are hand harvested from vines that are between 20-25 years of age and then aged in oak for 6 months. Yummy.
Fireworks later, if there are no thundershowers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Update July 5 There were fireworks that night but also no wind, so the smoke hung in the air, obscuring the show. A few days later the conditions were perfect for the Festival of Fire, We watched from Hanlan's Beach with some friends from the club.

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