Sunday, June 14, 2009


Rob and I saw two theatre productions this weekend, both on the Luminato roster. (Thanks, Ross and Virginia!)

The first, Zisele, was a North American premiere of an Israeli production. It was more of a comedic dance, actually, playing on the theme of "Jewish Mothers" living their lives through their children and driving them crazy with guilt. Done with a great deal of gentle humour and insight, the performers drew lots of laughter from the crowd. Although I was raised Catholic I could certainly relate (both as a daughter and mother). Very entertaining.

The next night we saw 5 O'Clock Bells, a truly memorable one man play written and performed by Pierre Brault and based on the life and music of Lenny Breau. The audience gets to know about this renowned guitarist through his intimate relationships. Father, mother, lovers, wives, Don Franks, Chet Atkins - all masterfully channeled by Pierre Brault. Lenny himself only has a line or two as the characters around him react and chide and plead.... their interactions with the central character unfold a complicated life story right up to his tragic early death and unsolved murder.

Lenny Breau may not be widely known by the general public but remains revered by guitarists around the world for his virtuosity. Breau was a child prodigy of country music, played jazz guitar of the same calibre as Django, mastered classical guitar and mentored rock stars like Randy Bachman. His music has been called 'exquisite.'

Have a listen....

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