Monday, June 1, 2009

Loyalty Management

Loyalty Management is the first book of poetry since 1999 to win the Toronto Book Award, and it is the selection this year for 'Keep Toronto Reading.' Here is one of the poems from the collection... (unfortunately I can't reproduce the line spacing here with my limited html skill). If you're a regular TTC-er like me, you may have read it as part of their 'Poetry on the Way' series:
The creatures

Caged in your sleep may the great beasts
bless and protect you always the bears of
loving kindness the wise Blakean tigers
of wrath & the horses of
instruction Dream untroubled
by paradox of proportion - the ladybug
bigger than the cat the mouse
as large as the elephant
& wearing pants In their all-forgiving silence
may they love you in ways we fail to
these friends of first refuge
the peaceable kingdom
where the lion lies down with the lamb

Here is a quick interview with the poet Glen Downie:

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