Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Book Babes and Miriam's Margaritas

Miriam hosted & served her famous margaritas:
Fresh squeezed lime + lime zest + extra fine sugar + ice in a blender
+ tequila 

I am sure the drinks helped fuel an interesting discussion!

Reading Lollita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi was the book in question.

Reactions to the book based on its literary merit weren't very favourable - but that didn't seem to dilute discussion.  And isn't that one of the things a good book is supposed to do, after all.... generate opposing points of view and get people talking?  

Some reactions:
  • Made me want to reread Lolita and The Great Gatsby
  • Valuable chronicle of how quickly women in Tehran lost their voices, occupations and "relevance".... we are mistaken if we think it couldn't happen in North America, given the right set of circumstances
  • How interesting we are reading it now, with all the civil unrest in Tehran
  • Didn't like Nafisi's voice, found her a bit controlling and distant; had a very high opinion of herself vs. those around her;  superior attitude to most people around her
  • Didn't connect with the academic analysis, found it tedious in spots
  • Read reviews that Nafisi became a bit of a mouthpiece for Bush
  • Hard to keep track with chronology of events
  • Written with a pro-American viewpoint and an eye to self-promotion
  • Valuable insight into the mentality of a totalitarian regime
  • Read a bit but not motivated to finish this one
Diverse points of view =  a very interesting evening!

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