Sunday, May 31, 2009

Safety Day

We had Safety Day down at the club Saturday. I wasn't going to go but it ended up being extremely memorable!

We got a full tour of a fire truck and some of the ladies even got a tour around the parking lot with Mr. May driving. He was fully dressed in fire gear but I had to go check out his calendar shot, so here he is on the right. Apparently we giggled even more than the Grade One students had a few days before.

Also memorable was working the fire extinguisher. After all these years I've never had to operate one, thankfully. For some reason I thought that once you pulled the trigger it would just keep on spraying until the canister was empty but that's not the case. I also learned when you spray a liquid fire like diesel you are aiming just above the liquid and just below the fire, at the air in between.

If you are leaving a building that is on fire close any doors behind you. Even just a regular door will take thirty minutes to burn, so taking this simple step buys a lot of time and helps to keep a fire from spreading.

Someone from Toronto EMS gave us a CPR and defibrillator demo, and we also watched a man overboard drill. Definitely need to do a practice run-through on the water this summer. Had a few throws of the life saver ring and tossed the rope bag around. Hopefully I will never need to use these tools in a life saving situation but at least now I've had some hands-on experience.

The day ended with Alex, Liz, Darcy, and Dylan joining us for dinner, a tremendous thunder storm and an amazing double rainbow. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so this photo is from a fellow Torontonian on Flickr.

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