Friday, April 24, 2009


What I find intriguing about this wine is the mix of grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, (that, I know I like), some shiraz (please not too much!), Dolcetto (new varietal for me) and Granache. Wonderful blend.

'Red' wine with a screw top cap from Southern Australia, $15 at the LCBO. The great label might catch your eye but then you might think, screw top? red? ..... and pass it by.

The label promises 'soft, round, spicy' but I don't entirely agree.

Lovely colour in the glass (muted garnet?), spicy aroma, lively & great taste, mouth feel is brash but invigorating, a long finish. I wouldn't call this one 'soft' at all. As for 'round' isn't that meant to mean balanced? My mid-tongue is reverberating (a not unpleasant sensation, just not what I would call 'balanced'). Highly acidic and highly tannin and fairly sweet.

I like everything about it but the finish, which seems artificially long-lasting and turns bitter on the tongue.

I think I would buy this again but definitely serve it with dinner or tapas.

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