Friday, March 13, 2009

Nipozzano 2005

Another nice chianti! This one is a Rufina, 2005, from Frescolbaldi. 90 points from the Wine Spectator, which is what caught Rob's attention (plus the 2005 vintage, generally good for old world wines). Also DOCG, but no "Gallo Nero" emblem.... maybe the black rooster is just acquainted with the Classico region?
Guess that is something I will need to check with my wine buff friends!

The Discovering Wines book I have on my shelf makes this comment about chianti
There are two broad styles the lighter, younger, fruity Chianti (which always used to come in straw-covered flasks) amd the more serious, expensive type that has real depth of flavour, but also an austerity that needs time to soften (two to four years for non-Riserva and at least four for Riserva). Most of the more serious chianti's come from the Classico subregion (Chianti is divided into eight such regions).... the other important subregion for quality.
I am getting a slightly astringent taste from this but it is not at all unpleasant, it is balanced by a dart of sweetness on the very tip of my tongue and a general, overall deliciousness.

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