Sunday, February 1, 2009

Old Friends

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend Saturday. Janine and I had some catching up to do after 8 years and shared some great conversation over a few bottles of great Italian wine (a Ripasso and an Amerone). Where did the years go? I guess we've both been busy, raising families, establishing (and re-establishing) careers. There have been a few battles - health, jobs and otherwise. Overall it's been a good fight!

Lots has happened during the in-between years. Our sons have gotten a lot taller.... at least four or five feet taller...... Nothing tells the passage of time quite like the growth of a child into a teenager.

Janine opened a packing box with some old clippings and shared some of the poetry I wrote in high school. I recognized the handwriting right away! I was expecting to cringe but it wasn't so bad after all. So earnest and hopeful, discovering things for the first time.

Going through the box we also came across something written by a high school friend that died a few years ago. Judy committed suicide. It was such a shock to hear, because any memories I have of her are of someone smiling.

'She was the last person I would ever expect'.... 'My how time flies'..... 'where have all the years gone,'..... 'life is so precious,'.....

Phrases repeated by so many others become cliches, but that doesn't make them any less true.


Janine said...

I wish I had looked over your poetry with you and shared that moment. What I intend and what I do are often a source of regret for me. I have to remember to remain with my intention and savour the moment of connection. Therein lies the real experience of life, and the true forging of memories. I won't forget giving you that moment, but I wish I had shared it with you in a more meaningful way. This is what I am striving for.

Diane said...

I take solace in the fact that living in the moment is something that even sages have true difficulties with... as soon as we realize we are seeking that moment; it disappears.