Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get the Jump on Spring

Nicki and I went to the Toronto Botanical Garden to spend the day listening to horticultural lectures and take in some garden porn. I love that phrase, it seems somehow appropriate, all these impossibly gorgeous fluffed-up shots of seemingly unattainable levels of perfect gardens. No bug-bitten leaves, everything in perfect bloom.
Just what I need in the middle of dreary February... some inspiration and the reminder that hey, maybe all this white stuff will melt eventually, and the crocus and snowdrops will start popping their lovely heads out of the ground. I can't wait!
I picked up some tricks to try to amend my soil, and some suggestions for plants to try on my ravine slope where even the most invasive plants seem to struggle. Some great floral design tips. And a pot of lovely yellow daffodils for my window sill.
Spring will come.

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