Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hot Pot

Mmmmm, Tom Yung Kung yummy!

Our neighbours Dave and Melanie had us over yesterday for a delicious Hot Pot, and they invited us back today to help finish off the leftovers. Very happy to oblige.

You take chicken or vegetable stock and add whatever flavours you desire (Tom Yung Kung makes an excellent base). Then you bubble your broth in the centre of the table in a 'hot pot'.... a butane stove nicely serves the purpose. Once the broth is piping hot you add the bits you want to cook into baskets and let them simmer in the pot until done to your liking. Then enjoy your bite-sized freshly cooked food with a tasty dipping sauce.

For these Hot Pots we enjoyed three different kinds of bok choy plus salmon, beef, chicken, talapia, scallops, shrimp and pork, served alongside three different sauces (hot, barbecue, and peanut) for dipping. We've also tried bean sprouts, enoki mushrooms, quail eggs, fish balls or whatever strikes our fancy at the Chinese market.

When you are done the main course you follow with a bowl of the broth, which has by now taken on all the flavours of the cooked morsels. Absolutely delicious!

Fruit for dessert makes a perfect ending.

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Louise Dixon said...

Hi Diane, your hot pot story and receipe is sounds delicious! I'm definitely going to try it, if I can master the heating of the stock part.
Were you at yoga this morning? Bit of a bummer about Tina losing her Monday night class.