Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice Tasting

What a wonderful way to spend the Winter Solstice, tasting wine with some of my most favourite women...

We got together to sample some great flavours and enjoy each other's company. Everyone brought a bottle and we sampled our way through sparkling to fortified wines.

A great afternoon!

The following tasting notes were synthesized from everyone who left their comment sheets behind - Judi takes the prize for most scrupulous note-taker!

Cave Spring, 2007, Ontario Canada, Estate Riesling $18 - Judi's pick

Tasting notes: “Light-hearted.” Almost clear in appearance with an aroma of apples. Tastes like apples and peaches with a touch of green pepper and grapefruit, spiced lightly with anise. Mild citrus finish is clean and crisp.
Other: Goes nicely with almonds; a nice sipper in hot weather; serve with roast poultry or lobster.

Santa Margherita 2007, Italy, Pinot Grigio $16.95 - Nicki's pick

Tasting notes: Clear, white gold in appearance; aroma a bit like gasoline; taste is mineral and oily with a fast finish. Would go nicely with chicken served along with a white cream sauce.

Pelee Island Winery 2007, Ontario Canada, Pinot Grigio $11.95 - Nicki's pick

Pelee Island is the same latitude as Rome so is the site of some of Canada’s best wines. Tasting notes: Pale yellow colour; slightly chemical aroma; hits the palette hard but has a nice peachy taste; mildly acidic finish.
Try this one with white fish; it also goes nicely with fruit.

Argento 2008, Argentinia, Pinot Grigio $9.85 - Liz P's pick

Tasting notes: Brash personality. Appearance of pale straw with yellowish-green hues; aroma of grapefruit with the taste being somewhat acidic, fruity, reminiscent of grappa. The finish is a bit rough.
Other: Would probably work nicely with Thai food or veal.

Forrester 2004, South Africa, Petit Chenin - not available in Canada - from Bev's South African wine tour

Tasting notes: “Bold personality.” Warm, golden yellow colour in the glass; aroma of honey with slight petroleum note; taste is very nicely balanced, a bit buttery, with hints of peach and pineapple accompanied by a somewhat woody and sweet taste. Finish is very pleasant.

Other: This wine would make a nice accompaniment to foccaccio or go well generally with rich foods. Vintner Forrester rescued this French grape from extinction and is also known for getting Blacks to work in his wineries, somewhat of a rarity (for more info)

Ravenswood 2006 California, Zinfandel $17.95 - Liz C's pick

Tasting notes: Garnet colour; heady fruit aroma; taste is spicy, peppery, berries/dark cherries and a dry finish.
Other: Someone didn’t like the smell but liked the taste; it was suggested this young, wine would benefit from ageing to mellow the taste; light for a zinfandel; would go with pizza, burgers, thick red sauces. suggest it be decanted.

Kim Crawford 2004, Hawkes Bay, Merlot $19.95 - Liz P's pick

Tasting notes: Deep garnet or ruby red in the glass; spicy and fruity aromas; taste a nice blend of black currant, pepper, and cherry, with a touch of pickle juice. Jammy finish.
Other – would go nicely with lamb.

Solaz 2006, Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon $10.95 - Virginia's pick

Tasting notes: Deep red in the glass; earthy aroma with a hint of caramel; taste of sweet black currants, a bit jammy; moderate tannin on the finish.
Other: This blend of 80% tempranillo and 20% cabernet sauvignon is a great buy!

Kilkanoon 2006, South Australia, Shiraz $? - Christina's pick

Tasting notes: Opaque red in the glass; smoky aroma but with a hint of freshwater; hardy full taste with a strong blackberry note; sharp finish.
Other: Generally Australian wines are very fruit forward and the sweeter they are, the younger they are. This shiraz would go well with grilled red meat.

Tomassi 2006 Italy, Ripasso Valpolicelli $19.99 - Therese's pick

Tasting notes: Ruby red appearance; aroma of plums and leather; nicely balanced with a faster finish than you might expect from a big red.
Other: Ripasso is an Italian red wine from Valpolicella made by fermenting young wine with the unpressed but drained skins and lees left over from making Amarone.
Ripasso normally has a lighter taste than Amarone wines, which makes it easier to combine with food, and is often less expensive.

Cantina Di Negrar 2005, Italy, Amarone Della Vlpolicella $35.05 - Diane's pick

Tasting notes: Deep red appearance; aroma of ripe red fruits; tastes full, nicely balanced, complex with a silky finish.
Other: Grapes are harvested perfectly ripe in the first two weeks of October, by carefully choosing bunches having fruits not too close to each other, to let the air flow. Grapes are allowed to dry and shrivel (rasinate). This concentrates the remaining sugars and flavors and is similar to the production of French Sauternes. The pomace left over from pressing off the Amarone is used in the production of ripasso Valpolicellas.

Taylor Fladgate 2000, Portugal, Port, $36 - Debra's pick

Tasting notes: Deep ruby red colour; dried fruit and spice aromas; sweet, rich, dried fruit flavours; full- bodied vintage character port with a long finish. Try with sharp cheese to balance the intensely sweet taste.

Colio Estate Vineyards 2005 Ontario Canada, Late Harvest Vidal $12.85

Tasting notes: Bright golden colour; ripe apricot and honey aromas; rich, mouth filling fruit with balanced acidity and a long finish. Try with blue cheese and pear, or drizzle over ice cream.

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liz2 said...

A perfect way to celebrate the Soltice. The wine was only bettered by the compnay kept. Fine wines and finer friends.
Liz 2