Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Much to be thankful for on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day.

The orange dahlias and begonias in the back a teaser for showier autumn foliage on its way. Right now the maple is only beginning to redden, only a few fallen laves on the stone.

I'm finalizing the dinner menu: Prime Rib, mushroom gravy, Yorkshire puddings, brussels sprouts with chestnuts. Choosing the wine: a 2007 Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano that has been waiting too many years on the shelf for a special occasion...

Alex and Penny will be joining us for dinner. In a few weeks they will be moving into their first house! I can't believe my son has bought a house in this crazy market. Of course I shared the story of how when we bought this house, it dropped 20% in value before we even moved in. Our town is overdue a market correction, but the two of them have wanted to buy for awhile and jumped in as the prices became a bit more affordable. I am both happy and apprehensive for them, but they are in for the long game.

Long game, indeed. Almost 30 years at this address, house poor for more than half of them, Rob and I taking turns at being unemployed throughout the 90's. Time and meals spent at home together, camping vacations, working hard, making do. If it all came easy, would we have enjoyed things as much?

Now in the autumn of our lives, a harvest of life's pleasures.

Beautiful finish

Over to the island and back again. Overnite the boat was actually heeling in the wind as we were tied tightly at Hanlon's wall.

Sunday morning there were  8 kite surfers flying in the strong winds, graceful sails arcing in the sky. We watched on the beach to the sounds of waves, debating whether to stay another night or go.

The Environment Canada marine map had coloured all the bodies of water red, due to a tropical storm effect. The forecast indicated rain and stronger winds the next day, so although we'd pre-paid at the wall for two nights, we headed back to the club with a credit for next year noted on our account.

The trip back was spectacular, sailing by the jib in the autumn sun with  dazzle on the water. I was more than a bit melancholy, knowing it the last trip of the season.

We docked and stripped the jib and main, laying the white canvas on the grey gravel in the parking lot, tucking the sails away for winter.

A beautiful sunset at the end of the day offered some solace.

Yes, I am thankful for the season but greedy for more!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Full Hunter's Moon - October 2017

Alex and Penny are coming for a mid-week supper tonight and I've been staring at the light in the back garden. Life is good.

September and October have been busy. Courses (Mindfulness Studies and Drawing for People Who Can't Draw), busy with work (SIX events in November).

Still picking up my uke a couple of times a week, and lately playing  Don't Fence Me In.
Love this line in particular:  I want to.... gaze at the moon until I lose my senses...

The moon is full today, 2:41 pm
(Image: Photo by Colin Lane, Manchester)